Would it not be nice to have the power of the functions of Quanty combined with the large set of libraries available in Python. We think it would.

When we first implemented Quanty there where good reasons not to choose Python, but pick a small script language. We needed something portable to many different systems where we do not have the rights to easily install python. Furthermore We needed a flexible script language, one giving us the option to modify standard behavior for specific cases. Garbage collection and memory management becomes a real issue when single objects can vary in size from a single bit to several gigabytes. Embedding Lua and modifying the code as needed seemed a natural choice that worked out quite nice.

We are now in a situation where a next layer can be implemented wrapping the Quanty binaries into a Python package. If you know how to program (C and Python) think this is something worth doing and are looking for a PhD, Post-Doc or other temporary position, please feel free to contact Maurits Haverkort.