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====== Workshops ====== ===== February 20-22 - 2019 - Stanford - SLAC SSRL ===== A three day tutorial on the calculation of RIXS with the CTM4* package suits. For more detail see the [[|workshop page]]. ===== September 24 till September 28 - 2018 - Heidelberg ===== **Hands on spectroscopy calculations of quantum materials \\ Spektroskopie Berechnungen von Quantenmaterialien - Praxis und Theorie \\ Spectroscopie Calculs de matériaux quantiques - pratique et théorie ** A one week set of lectures and hands on tutorials (bring your own laptop (win, Mac, Linux)) on the calculation of X-ray spectroscopy. For details and registration see the [[workshop:heidelberg|workshop page.]] ===== June 4-8 - 2018 - Alba ===== A two day tutorial on the calculation of core level spectroscopy with Quanty. For more detail see the [[workshop:alba|workshop page.]]