Mathematica Packages expried?

asked by Andrea Amorese (2021/04/06 11:48)

Hi, Since this morning (06/04/2021) Mathematica won't load the Quanty packages. I get the following message:

Could not load the Quanty : Plot Tools Package - version 2017.4.26 as it is outdated. Please visit Maurits W. Haverkort's webpage at to obtain a new version.

Downloading the packages again from the website didn't change anything. $PlotToolsLicenseExpirationDate returns “Mon 5 Apr 2021 09:01:08”. If I backdate my PC to before April 5th I can load all the packages, but it is not very convenient. Is there another solution?

Thanks in advance!



, 2021/04/06 12:46, 2021/04/06 21:29

I've uploaded a new version of the package. The problem should be solved now and not return.

Best wishes, Maurits

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