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Workshops in Heidelberg

September 24 till September 28 - 2018

Hands on spectroscopy calculations of quantum materials
Spektroskopie Berechnungen von Quantenmaterialien - Praxis und Theorie
Spectroscopie Calculs de matériaux quantiques - pratique et théorie

A one week set of lectures and hands on tutorials (bring your own laptop (win, Mac, Linux)) on the calculation of X-ray spectroscopy. Confirmed speakers include

  • Amélie Juhin
  • Robert Green
  • Frank de Groot
  • Mari-Anne Arrio
  • Gérald Lelong
  • Marius Retegan
  • Maurits W. Haverkort

We have created a nice programme and preparations are underway. If you want to participate please register. We try to accommodate all people who register, but due to space limitations (room, power for your laptop, funding, …) we must set a limit to the maximum number of participants.

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