Wave functions

Wave-functions can be created from a string containing 1's (occupied) and 0's (unoccupied). For each Fermionic spin-orbital on has one bit. For Bosonic modes Quanty reserves 8 bit, i.e. Bosons can have an occupation from 0 to 255. A wave-function resembling a single electron in a $p_x$ orbital with spin-up could be created by defining 6 spin-orbitals, creating two lists of length 3 for spin-up and spin-down and by creating a wave function that is a linear combination of $m_l=1$ and $m_l=-1$.

-- a number of Fermionic modes or spin-orbitals
-- a number of Bosonic modes (phonon modes, ...)
-- For a p-shell we would like the have 6 
-- spinorbitals with the quantum numbers 
-- spin down ml=-1,ml=0,ml=1 and
-- spin up with ml=-1, ml=0, ml=1
-- We can group different spin-orbitals into 
-- lists and assign meaning to them
-- the code knows that a 3 fold degenerate shell 
-- has l=1 and ml=-1, 0 and 1 are
-- assigned to them automatically
-- the wave-function with one electron in the 
-- px orbital with spin down is created as
psipx = NewWavefunction(NF, NB, {{"100000",math.sqrt(1/2)}, {"000010",math.sqrt(1/2)}})