How to install Quanty

Quanty comes in several flavors. Whichever flavor you prefer for your work, Quanty should run straight out-of the box.

The main and most powerful program is written in C and has an interface based on the script language Lua. You can download binaries for different systems that should work without further problems. For more information on how to install Quanty see the specific pages for Windows, Linux or Mac.

Quanty is also available as a Mathematica package. A powerful script language with many additional numerical functions. One of the features of Mathematica is the possibility to obtain analytical solutions, even for some quite involved problems in general quantum mechanics, solid state physics or quantum chemistry. Information on how to install the Mathematica package can be found here.

Once you've installed the program you can follow the examples you can find in this documentation. A good place to start is to follow the tutorials you can find online for the workshop in Heidelberg