Memory management

Quanty is memory hungry, but you can put the code on a diet. Often calculations can be done faster if one has more memory available. Quanty uses this and as long there is memory available Quanty will take this. The good news is that Quanty does not need all that memory to be able to run. On computers with less memory available, more memory efficient (but slower) algorithms can be used. In order to tell Quanty how much memory it is allowed to use we need to set boundaries. On Unix Linux or Mac based systems one can limit the memory available to a program with the command:

ulimit -v  48000000

in the bash shell. With the number the memory available to the shell in kilo bytes. Neglect to set boundaries can lead to a stall of your system where the only way to recover is to hard reset the system. Especially on large systems you will not make the system administrator happy (I speek out of experience). So don't forget to set the memory boundaries.