Tz Operator

asked by Malte Schüler (2017/05/12 14:30)

The Documentation says that the function NewOperator() can handle Tx, Ty, and Tz Operators. However, running Quanty to generate Tz I get

03_XAS.lua:138: ERROR: first argument in NewOperator (Tz) is not recognized as a known operatortype

The same happens for Tx and Ty.

I am using the current version of Quanty available on this website (compiled at Mar 29 2016 at 17:23:39)


, 2018/07/02 21:06

Dear Malte,

Indeed the Tz (Tx, Ty) operator were implemented in 2017 and are thus not available in the 2016 version. Since your question has been asked we updated the binary version online and the newest binaries include the Tz operator.

Best wishes, Maurits

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