Editor for Quanty

asked by Riccardo Piombo (2019/10/06 16:52)

Hi, I'm starting to use Quanty these days. Can you recommend a good editor on which to write my .quanty scripts? Emacs writes the entire script in gray and it is difficult to visually distinguish parts of the code when it becomes very long.

Thanks in advance for your advice.



, 2019/10/06 18:43

What helps is to set the color scheme used for .Quanty documents to a useful format. You can either pick a standard for generic script languages or Lua as the predefined color scheme. I'm not a user of Emacs so I can not give you help how to do this here. Which platform (Mac, Windows, Linux) are you using? On Mac I would recommend Textwrangler or now BBEdit. If you define in Preferences - Languages - Custom Extension Mappings - Suffix Quanty → Language Lua then you get a reasonable color coding.

Best wishes, Maurits

, 2019/10/07 12:35, 2019/10/07 12:35

Thanks a lot Professor, I'm currently using Linux and I will follow your advice setting .quanty script as .lua script. otherwise you can advise me an editor for linux?


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