Installation prob

asked by chandrasekhar (2019/02/25 09:11)

I am trying to install the Quanty program in my windows systems but installation was not going. Can you please tell me how to install it


, 2019/03/05 08:19

Quanty is a script based language, i.e. you write a text file with the commands you want to execute, save it under the name [filename], open a DOS shell and type Quanty [filename] and the script is executed. In order to be able to find the commands the DOS shell needs to know some path names. You can find some information on how to do this here

If this all sounds unfamiliar to you I would suggest to have a look at Crispy . Crispy is a graphical interface to Quanty that allows you to create the text files you need and helps you to run these scripts. It also provides a windows installer.

Hope this helped Maurits

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