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asked by kooktaeKim (2020/05/12 16:28)

Hello thank you for sharing your knowledge!

I'm trying to install Quanty on my Ubuntu desktop. I downloaded the folder(quanty_lin) for the installation and I found that the binary file “Quanty” is in it. I copied this binary to my “/bin” directory which is already appended in my PATH. But when I try to execute tutorial files, “the permission denied” message shows up. If I try to execute quanty with sudo command, the “command not found” massage shows up. Can you help me to fix this??

Regards, kooktae Kim


, 2020/05/13 07:45, 2020/05/14 10:00

Dear Kooktae Kim,

This is most probably a problem with the rights on your system. Normally ~/bin would be the directory for binaries of a user and /bin the directory for the entire system. Both can work. I guess you needed root access to copy the Quanty binary to /bin and I guess that only root is allowed to execute this file. (A large number of guesses from my side)

if you open a terminal and go to your binary folder cd /bin and look at the content of this folder ls -l you should see the files their owner and the access rights you can give executable rights to all users with the command

chmod a+x Quanty

you might need root rights to do this

sudo chmod a+x Quanty

If you type

ls -l

you should see something of the form

-r-xr-xr-x  1 root       Quanty

The file is owned by root, but everybody can read ( r ) and execute ( x )

Best wishes, Maurits

, 2020/05/13 08:32, 2020/05/13 08:32

Wow I forgot to check the rights! I solved the problem and tutorial file works well thanks!

, 2020/05/14 10:00


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