Quanty4RIXS crysyal field parameter not working

asked by Zhaoyuan Yang (2021/07/07 18:54)

Dear developers,

I'm currently using Quanty4RIXS on Matlab. It appears that whenever I change the crystal field parameter (dq) in either GUI or .lua file, the plotting function stop working (or the result file cannot be generated, not sure on whether which is the problem). The error messages appears on Matlab are as follows:

## A dot '.' indexing expression produced a comma-separated list with 3 values when only a single value is allowed.

Error in classMapSet/importQuantyMaps (line 125)

              thisObj.baseName = char(dirLS.name(1:end-9));                      % substract
              '*_para.mat'   (9character)

Error in viewerBackend/importMaps (line 181)

              foundMapSet.importQuantyMaps(mapFiles);              % import the RAW mapfiles (.txt) ,
              checks also for values.txt (expectations values)

Error in viewerBackend/importMapDirData (line 97)

              thisObj.importMaps( pathname, mapFiles );

Error in pb_importMaps_Callback (line 39)

          handles.hBackend.importMapDirData( pathname, filenames)

Error in matlab.graphics.internal.figfile.FigFile/read>@(hObject,eventdata)pb_importMaps_Callback(hObject,eventdata,guidata(hObject))

Related documentation

Error while evaluating UIControl Callback. ##

Thank you!


, 2021/07/15 22:31

Dear developers,

I figured out that there is an error in the MatLab file.

In classMapSet.m line 78, “vargin” is mistyped as “nargin”, the correct code should probably be: if size(vargin) ~= 0

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