Quanty4RIXS Plotting using .lua file

asked by Zhaoyuan Yang (2021/07/15 22:28)

Dear developers,

I'm currently using Quanty4RIXS on Matlab. It appears that when I use .lua file for the calculation, the .mat file will not be generated and thus the plotting panel do not work. Is there any way that I can still plot using .lua method? Thank you!


, 2021/09/22 10:06, 2021/09/22 10:07

Dear Zhaoyuang Yang,

Internally the spectrum is stored in a variable. Search for the function

.... = ResonantSpectra(....

The first dots give you the variable name. This variable name should be saved to disk somewhere. This can be done with the function


In the file name used in this function you can find the spectra in plain ASCII format. You can use any program of your liking to do the plotting.

Hopes this helps a little bit. PS I did not develop the Mathlab interface so I can't give you all details.

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