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Quanty Core Dumped

asked by William Judge (2021/06/29 20:47)


I have just started using Quanty through the Crispy python gui. I was able to set up the program on a few of my labs computers (AMD 1700x - Old Intel Core Duos). We have recently bought a new AMD Threadripper Pro, but it is having a bit of trouble running Quanty. I have taken the .lua output created by Crispy on the AMD Threadripper Pro machine and have been able to run it on the other machines without any issues. The error I get by running ./Quanty Ni2+_Oh_XAS_2p.lua is the following:

Program executed on: Tue Jun 29 13:45:07 2021 Running on host : user number of available processors : 24 maximum number of threads in parallel region: 24 Smallest positive float : 2.225074E-308 Smallest deviation from 1: 2.220446E-16

Diagonal values of the initial crystal field Hamiltonian:

Irrep. E

eg 0.600 t2g -0.400

Illegal instruction (core dumped)

I was wondering if you have ever come accross this issue before and if there is a fix?

Please let me know if you would like any of the log files/.lua files


, 2021/06/30 08:57

Hi William,

Sorry I've missed the issue you opened on Github, which, I assume, describes the same problem. We can continue the discussion there (


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