Install Quanty in Mac

asked by Chamini Shammi Pathiraja (2022/07/29 07:50)


I am trying to install Quanty in my new Macbook. I have installed Quanty according to the instructions, but when I tried to run it, there is an error message “ command not found:Quanty”.

I have checked the access: -rwxr-xr-x@ 1

I am not sure, how to overcome this issue.

Thank you


, 2022/08/04 07:18, 2022/08/04 08:06

Hello Chamini,

To start simple, can you try running the command


from within the folder where the Quanty binary is stored?

If that works as expected then I would assume that you have some issue with your path. Where is your Quanty binary stored in your system and what is the output of the commend

   echo $PATH

How much experience have you had with using a command line on Unix or Linux?

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