Workshop in Heidelberg - September 23 to September 28 - 2024

Hands on spectroscopy calculations of quantum materials

The workshop / school will discuss the theoretical methods concepts and models used to understand correlated electron systems and novel topological materials with the use of core level spectroscopies. The week will contain a mixture of lectures and tutorials with hands on practical examples on how to calculate material properties and different experiments. The focus will be on crystal-field, ligand-field and anderson impurity models for the modeling of material properties. The codes used will be Quanty for the many body calculations and FPLO or Wien2k for the DFT calculations.

Confirmed speakers include

  • Amélie Juhin
  • Frank de Groot
  • Marie-Anne Arrio
  • Marius Retegan
  • Hebatalla Elnaggar
  • Maurits W. Haverkort

We would like to thank the Universitė franco-allemande, Deutsch-Franzödische Hochschule for co-financing this workshop.


Table of contents