NewWavefunction(Nf, Nb, DeterminantTable) creates a wave-function with $Nf$ fermions and $Nb$ bosons as a sum over determinants given by the determinant table. Determinant Table is of the form of a string of 1's and 0's followed by a prefactor, for example: newwavefunction_can_take_a_forth_element_specifying_options) print(psi0) </code> ==== Result ==== <file Quanty_Output NewWavefunction.out> WaveFunction: Wave Function QComplex = 0 (Real==0 or Complex==1) N = 2 (Number of basis functions used to discribe psi) NFermionic modes = 6 (Number of fermions in the one particle basis) NBosonic modes = 0 (Number of bosons in the one particle basis) # pre-factor Determinant 1 7.071067811865E-01 100000 2 7.071067811865E-01 000001 </file> ===== Table of contents =====