These tutorials show several small programs written in Quanty. Quanty is Lua based, all functions and libraries you can use and load into Lua should function in Quanty. You do not need to install Lua, nor need to use any of the external libraries. It's just that you can. These tutorials do not use external Lua Libraries. In order to do the plotting we either call gnuplot or Mathematica. If you do not have these all spectra are also printed into text files which can be used as input for plotting programs.

The first section shows some small working programs written in Quanty. The second section gives the real introduction to the script language. The tutorials in the second section show how to build a small program step by step without being complete. We recommend you to play a little bit with the first examples, but not to study the code before the second section. The sections afterwards show specific examples and can be studied in random order. A full description of all functions can be found in the language reference.

You do not need to copy and past the source code from the web. You can download the entire tutorial, including the experimental spectra linked in some of the examples from the Quanty webpage.

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